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For easy configuration, the TWIZZAR UI can be used. To open it use the arrow behind the ItemBuilder or use the TWIZZAR open/close shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + N, Ctrl + Alt + V).

TWIZZAR expand button, to open the UITWIZZAR expand button, to open the UI

The Twizzar UI has three columns.

Twizzar UITwizzar UI

The TWIZZAR UI shows all configurable members in the first column, an input field to configure the members in the second column and the type of the member in the third column. To navigate the UI, use the arrow keys and open or close sub member by the TWIZZAR open/close shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + N, Ctrl + Alt + V). To close the UI press ESC.

To configure a basic type, a value can be entered:

  • for string, enter the text surrounded by " ("Mana Potion")
  • for char enter a character surrounded by ' ('a')
  • for numeric types, simply enter a number (5.6)
  • for enums type the enum class and then the enum value separated by a . (PotionColor.Blue)
Showcase of some basic types.Showcase of some basic types.

Non-basic type can be expanded, and their member can be configured directly.

Showcase of some non-basic types.Showcase of some non-basic types.

It is also possible to change the resolved type, by opening the autocomplete with CTRL + Space and selecting a different type.

Change the type of a member.Change the type of a member.